Bill History & Bipartisan Support


When it comes to championing victims’ rights, Attorney Joseph Cammarata doesn’t hesitate to take on formidable, powerful opponents.

Nancy’s case inspired Mr. Cammarata to spearhead efforts to change Virginia law to hold medical wrongdoers fully accountable for the harms and losses they caused to the victims of their negligence.


He brought the issue to the attention of State Sen. Bill Stanley (R-District 20) who agreed to be the chief patron of a bill to change the law. Sen. Stanley introduced legislation known as SB 1107State Sen. Scott Surovell (D-District 36) is a co-patron of the bill.

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Cancel the Cap

A bipartisan legislative initiative to eliminate recovery limits and help medical malpractice victims in Virginia receive complete justice.


Nancy’s Story 

On Oct. 22, 2015, Nancy underwent routine lower back surgery in an effort to cure her chronic back pain. The surgeon was to remove a lower back disc and fuse the surrounding vertebrae. During the surgery, the neurosurgeon caused his surgical instrument to go too deep into the disc space and he cut Nancy’s common iliac artery in her stomach. As a result, Nancy was not able to get oxygen to her brain for approximately 23 minutes.


Although Nancy was revived, she was brought back to a life of total dependence; loss of function; and cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dysfunction requiring 24-hour care. At trial, the jury was presented with evidence of Nancy’s permanent condition and of a plan which detailed Nancy’s lifetime needs.