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Doctors in Operating Room
Ongoing Event
Medical Malpractice Awareness Month is an event aimed at bringing awareness to healthcare negligence. The goal is to promote transparency so that Americans, and people all over the world, understand their rights regarding healthcare measures. In our efforts to “END THE SILENCE”, we hope to educate and bring Americans together in the fight for better, safer healthcare standards and compliance.
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Ongoing Event
Shoes for Safety is a program aimed at reducing the amount of waste caused by shoes that are thrown out and left to decay. Every year, around 600 million pairs of shoes wind up in landfills where they disintegrate and release harmful chemicals from the manufacturing process. Instead, you can donate the shoes you no longer want to NMMAA shoe drive fundraisers, where the shoes are cleaned, repaired, and repurposed.
Ongoing Event
The NMMAA has partnered with Randall’s. With the Remarkable Card, a percentage of every purchase at Randall’s is donated to the NMMAA to help raise funds for our events and awareness programs. You will also be eligible for rewards and contests.