How our Team Members Succeed

Our team members set an event goal (do a 5K, golf or bowl your best game, celebrate your 50th birthday, etc.), and we do so in honor of and raise funds for Team NMMAA.  By adding this element to our event participation, our experience of reaching big and making a difference is like no other.  This opportunity affords us a way to share with family and friends about our goals and provides us additional motivation to make it to our “finish line” – no matter what.  We succeed because Team NMMAA succeeds!

5k Run Flyer

How our Team Members Succeed

  1. There is no cost to set up a donation campaign with Team {Nonprofit Name}.
  2. There is no minimum fundraising requirement
  3. We encourage our team members to set their goal high, at least $1,000
  4. Fundraising tips and templates provided
  5. Team membership is yearly, and we suggest doing one event per year as a fundraising event for Team NMMAA.
  6. Choose any event and date that fits your schedule

We hope you allow Team NMMAA to support your goal this year. You will be amazed by your results if you do!  Please contact Deirdre Gilbert at  for more information.

3 Simple Steps to join our team

Step 1

Register for your event*

Step 2

Set up your fundraising campaign (CLICK HERE)

Step 3

Share your story with family and friends!

*You can join our team for any event you choose. Contact to ask how.