NMMAA Mobile Malpractice App

Every year, millions of people suffer the consequences of medical errors, yet states continue to pass laws that protect those who are inflict harm. Now, the NMMAA Mobile Malpractice App puts the power in your hands so you can protect yourself from harm.

The NMMAA Mobile Malpractice App can be used on any device, including tablets and smartphones.

The NMMAA Mobile Malpractice App allows you to:


Record audio and video of any harm you have suffered. When the recording is complete, the app sends it to the NMMAA, who can forward it to appropriate authorities.


The report feature allows you to tell us your story. What happened to you, when, where, and any details. You can also download proof of your injuries, as well as medical information. This helps us verify the legitimacy of your claim.


The alerts feature allows you to stay up-to-date on current local and state laws, events, and NMMAA announcements.


You can easily share the NMMAA app with family and friends.