Deirdre Dickson-Gilbert

National Director

National Director started the Texas Chapter of the National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association in December 2013. This journey began with the struggle for justice for her daughter who succumbed to medical negligence. Twenty-two (22) years her daughter fought valiantly to win every medical challenge known to man, but that was no value to society. NMMAA a non-partisan educational organization was created to promote transparency, integrity in the medical profession, and accountability. Through our educational endeavor, NMMAA advocates high standards of ethics and morality ensuring non-abuse of powers entrusted to the profession by the American people. Deirdre simply says “This is our ultimate goal.” As National Director, Deirdre provides overall leadership and strategic direction for the organization and manages the staff and volunteers nationally.

It was evident that medical malpractice was a human rights issue, and many aspects of it was exaggerated, placing value on malpractice costs over that of human life.

The average ordinary citizen has no idea about “Tort Reform” and how moral cards are not stacked in his/her favor, should a loved one fall victim. Thus, it is the spirit of righting unchecked wrongs, of unified activism, of raising a singular voice, of standing for those unable to stand for themselves, and the spirit of intentional healing that inspires the programming of The NMMAA.

Deirdre has worked tirelessly with the NAACP and National Action Network to create the first medical malpractice health initiative. Deirdre says that she wants this organization to be the tool of voice for all Americans.

Mark Van DenBoom

WebMaster / IT Specialist

Mark is a Sr. IT Security Analyst with over 19 years of experience as a systems analyst. He has assisted businessses in identifying non-technical solutions, documentation, process design, process mapping, TSQL, networking, web development, compliance, process evaluation, and ecommerce to reduce vulnerability levels.

Amy Vilela

Communications Director

Amy has been named the Communications Director of NMMAA. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She will be responsible for managing all the organization’s internal and external communications.

Amy has been an executive who has dedicated the majority of her career as a principal in non-profit organizations. She has supported their missions by leading their endeavors with financial planning and securing community support, thus ensuring their sustainability.

In 2015 Amy lost her twenty-two year old daughter, Shalynne, due to medical malpractice. As Amy navigated the legal system, while fighting for justice for her daughter, she became keenly aware of how biased our legal system is against those that have fallen victims of medical malpractice. It was a turning point for Amy and the revelation of her purpose… to empower others to fight back and make our health care system safer.

Amy is now running for U.S. Congress in Nevada.