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As an advocate for social justice, the NMMAA empowers the community through education and activism. With active patient advocates throughout the United States, the NMMAA helps citizens be informed. Informed citizens organize and protest injustices, raise awareness, educate, and build coalitions. We have helped hundred of victims across the country in areas of nursing home abuse, medical negligence, 10-day rules and COVID-19 related issues. NMMAA has written numerous complaints on hospital, nursing home issues and COVID-19 related issues. Our lobbying arm Joseph Cammarata in Virginia has bill history and bipartisan support on "Cancel the Cap" SB 1107 legislation. Our lobbying arm, Chip Wagar in Louisiana was instrumental in informercials and campaign ads regarding "Tort Reform." HB 586 and SB 503 are bills affording relief to the most severely injured citizens of the State of Louisiana from medical malpractice. 

What We Do-What We Accomplished

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